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The mission of the Palo Pinto County Sheriff’s Office is to enhance the quality of life in the county of Palo Pinto by working cooperatively with the public and within the laws of the State of Texas and the Constitution to preserve the peace, reduce crime, and provide for a safe environment. 


Trust – We believe that in order to provide effective service we must develop and maintain the confidence of the community.

Respect – We are committed to protecting the rights of all persons equally.

Integrity – We are responsible for our conduct, both professionally and personally. We recognize the badge of our office as a symbol of public faith and we shall diligently serve our citizens with uncompromising integrity and professionalism.

Professionalism – We are committed to excellence in public service.

Transparency – The ability of law enforcement to perform their duties is dependent upon public approval of their existence, actions, behavior, and the ability of law enforcement to secure and maintain public respect. In order to do so, law enforcement must be as transparent as possible to the public in the motives, goals, methods, and actions taken by law enforcement to secure public safety and repress crime. 

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