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Arissa Viering | 7/16/2020 | Goodday Mineral Wells | MWISD Announcements | School Updates

MINERAL WELLS, TX – On 7/14/2020, MWISD released several documents including the ‘COVID-19 Prevention & Response Protocol’ to help guide families for the upcoming school year. These documents outlined new precautionary methods for COVID, remote instruction guidelines, and guidelines for athletics and extracurricular activities. All of these guidelines are being reviewed by many MWISD families as they prepare to make the ultimate decision for their children before school starts: online or in-person instruction?

Making the decision between online or in-person instruction is less than easy as a parent to a student in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many factors are at play here: the possibility of COVID-19 infection, the social impact on students, the emotional impact on all children at MWISD, the effects that this changed environment will have on children, and so much more. MWISD has taken so many steps to ensure the safety of their students while also providing additional support to families, students, and faculty.

John Kuhn, MWISD Superintendent, sat down to speak with our Goodday Mineral Wells team on 7/14/2020 just hours before the release of these new guidelines. May his words during this time help to guide MWISD families as they weigh their options.

When COVID shut down the schools in March, Kuhn and a MWISD COVID Taskforce Team partnered together to create solutions. This team consisted of twenty-two faculty members including campus principals, program directors, department leads, school health officials, transportation department faculty, food service representatives, and librarian representatives. “It was a good cross-section of leadership across the district . . . We had a lot of problems to solve and it was kind of like a crisis response,” Kuhn stated. Since March, this team of dedicated individuals has been meeting remotely to create solutions.

“It never really stops. It’s an ongoing conversation every day. As a new problem arises we work it out. There is no ego. Everybody is focused on the product of the outcome. Their attitude and their spirit is focused on the kids and the school district.”

John Kuhn, Superintendent

This same team created the following documents in preparation for the upcoming school year: MWISD Prevention & Response Protocol, Athletic Prevention & Response Protocol, Remote Instruction Academy Guide, and more. When it comes to either in-person or online instruction, Kuhn wants to ensure that parents understand that they are well-supported.

Several new precautionary measures will be in place for in-person instruction. Plexiglass barriers may be utilized for the reception areas and around sinks. However, there will be no plexiglass barriers between desks. Daily temperature screenings and frequent handwashing will be required. Visitation requirements are strict, as outlined in the documents.

Per Kuhn, the online instruction will be “very different” than how it was in the Spring. The Remote Instruction Academy will be “every bit as rigorous” as in-person instruction. However, “those students will be extremely connected” to their teachers and MWISD as a whole.

Furthermore, parents and teachers can rest-assured that plentiful support will be provided to the teachers. Online/remote teachers won’t necessarily be involved with every instructional video. For instance, some video instruction may be provided by a separate teacher than the instructor leading that class. However, the teachers will be very much so connected with the students and aware of all instruction being provided for grading. Dedicated remote instruction department leads will be made available. Lastly, elementary schools will be “more feasible to facilitate online learning” due to the curriculum being provided.

“We will try very hard to ensure that teachers are not overwhelmed . . . Our teachers will have lots and lots of support!”

As MWISD parents weigh their options, they are heavily encouraged to review all documents that outline the prevention and response protocols. It is important to note that a parent may choose to switch between in-person and remote instruction throughout the school year so long as they meet the deadlines and requirements outlined within these documents. “Students have until 2 weeks before the first day of school (currently set as August 18) to make their initial selection of at-home or on-campus learning.” It is currently unknown how many students will be in-person versus online at MWISD.

No matter what decision MWISD families choose, they can rest assured that they will receive an environment “without judgement” and full of support:

“We want every child/parent to make the right decision for them. No option is better than the other. People have different levels of comfort.”

John Kuhn

Parents are encouraged to send any general questions regarding the upcoming school year guidelines to

Please review the full documents here. Please note that these guidelines are subject to change at any time.

As always, we’re wishing you all a ‘Goodday.’ – Arissa, Writer

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